live together

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The student-produced film Peace of Hind opens with scenes of Israeli and Palestinian teenagers at Seeds of Peace, a summer camp in Otisville, Maine, where Israeli and Palestinian teenagers spend three weeks each summer learning to live together.
If two people, man and woman, want to live together, who can oppose them?
The plans leave it to ministers to fix the minimum period a couple should live together before they are eligible, but suggest a minimum period of between two and five years.
The report says the majority of couples who live together wrongly believe they are protected by ''common law marriage'' and would be entitled to a share of the assets when a relationship breaks down.
MOST Coventry couples who live together but are not wed do not realise they do not have the same rights as married couples.
More than four million people in the UK live with a partner, but two thirds of people in England and Wales wrongly believe that couples who live together share the same rights as those who are married.
People who live together before marrying seem to be at an advantage in terms of merging their financial lives because they already have their own systems set up for paying bills and contributing to retirement plans.
Though we do not live together full-time yet (that will change in the future), we use frequent E-mails, instant messaging, and phone calls daily to keep our partnership vital and flourishing.
We must help these two nations live together," Cardinal Sodano explained.
The document states that "the choice to live together outside a marriage is always wrong" and enumerates the benefits of separating, including a strengthened marriage, deeper intimacy, and greater odds of staying married.
I've had abbots say to me, "You can't get Benedictines to really agree on anything; I don't know how it works, but we seem to live together.