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I also want to liven up the stadium and have the drums, bugles and a brass band, if we can get one, going from kick-off until the final whistle.
If you can resist the temptation to devour them on the spot, throw some into a stir-fry or salad, or use them to liven up a party platter.
Clearly Natural Soaps has a festive array of vegetable-derived glycerine soaps that make wonderful seasonal gifts and great stocking stuffers, or that liven up your kids' bathtimes.
Still, at least you can rely on Fred Elliot to liven things up and his scenes with Eve rivalled Bet and Alec Gilroy at their best.
Tory "party animals" are so bored with stiff upper- lipped Christmas festivities - they've decided to liven things up.
Matters finally liven up, if you can call it that, in the third act.
one no-fail way to liven up a workaday meal Fresh green chillis.
Liven up a plain cardboard magazine file with paint.
The gaffer said at half-time that we had to liven up," said Stokes.
Adding a few to a sunny or part-shaded spot with well drained soil will liven up your garden for years to come.
The new structure will also house a 24-screen Sony multiplex in its base and is expected to liven White Plains night life.
The best dances can liven up even the most bone-weary dancegoer.