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At NexID, we believe augmenting fingerprint sensors with liveness detection is 'must have' functionality because it facilitates mobile commerce, providing both users and services providers with confidence that mobile transactions can occur safely and securely," said Mark Cornett, NexID's chief operating officer.
A white paper on liveness detection, including examples of how the company researches and tests different "spoofing" techniques, is also available.
But what are the precise contours of--and what exactly is at stake in--the recent liveness of live cinema?
Hoyos Labs' keen focus on liveness research is evident in its continuing practice of cultivated evolution of generations of liveness technology in anticipation of customer threats.
However, the pretense of liveness also resulted in eerie discrepancies between the performers' apparent spatial presence and their physical absence: "Nothing struck me with as much amazement as these people foolishly returning for applause that was not given or that erupted at different moments.
A partir de ses observations in situ, Christopher Scales fait ressortir l'importance du concept de liveness aussi bien pour les musiciens autochtones que pour les employes non autochtones d'Arbor Records.
Cassandra incarnates the abjection that feminist psychoanalytic critic Julia Kristeva theorizes in her Powers of Horror: An Essay on Abjection (New York: Columbia UP, 1982): Cassandra is neither wholly object nor subject, neither insane nor sane, both howling and silenced, teetering on the edge of liveness and ghostliness, doggedly present and yet helplessly absent, cast-off and yet hauntingly near.
The device is equipped with an IR camera as liveness detection.
The present tense narration could for instance be a manifestation of the desire for immediacy through its imitation of liveness, thereby remediating other live-narrating techniques like cameras and perhaps also imitating other media-genres such as talk-shows, soccer-matches etc.
3] What was once touted as "live television" now includes a network-imposed three to five second delay in case viewers should see too much liveness.
The device is equipped with the IR camera as liveness detection.
This leads Siray to reexamine the issue of performance as ritual, referring to accomplishments of Schechner, and to underscore the problems of liveness and ephemerality.