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We have used depth-first order in the paper because it is the most natural, and it supports SCC-based liveness analysis.
A problem specification consists of a safety property and a liveness property.
Not only does it merge the televisual and the digital, and its respective news styles of liveness and real time but it also bridges the temporal divide between archive and instant news by extending the moment of the now into the past and the future.
These short films might have been produced cheaply for quick distribution on an untested format to a small audience that had just started growing, but they were going to follow the practices of feature-length, big-budget theatrical releases rather than experiment with--and market--the notion of liveness.
What is at work on this show is a dense assemblage of mediating processes enacting liveness and different forms of public engagement that add up to the distinct regime of value that makes Q&A appealing to its audiences.
One liveness and three bounded liveness properties were checked.
In the literature, the studies of augmented marked graphs mainly focus on deadlock-freeness, liveness and reversibility.
By offering only the 'LIVE' BROADWAY HIT in bold text on screen and the rest of the description in voiceover, the trailer reveals both its investment in liveness and its recognition that this "liveness" appears as if quoted on film.
In order to function properly the protocol must satisfy both, the safety and liveness properties.
In general, if the fairness requirement F is any w-regular liveness property, we show that the finitary version fin(F) is still live (but not necessarily w-regular).
This and more is covered in Precise Biometrics white paper Spoof and liveness Detection for the Mobile Biometrics Market.
The BioID facial recognition software addresses the highest level of assurance, namely "user presence," in all authentication and authorization applications with its patented liveness detection, and thus provides strong protection against photo and video attacks.