living expenses

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People aged 50 typically spend PS5,020 a year on housing costs such as mortgage or rent, PS7,030 on living expenses and around PS1,230 on education, the research carried out among 2,000 people found.
Fifteen per cent of Canadian workers don t know how they would pay for their living expenses if they were faced with a disability.
The State Farm homeowners policy provides temporary living expense coverage for homeowners required to evacuate, such as motel and food expenses, subject to their policy deductible.
Last year they had an average of pounds 16 left over each month after paying for living expenses.
We are to submit an initiative to the Parliament of the Republic of Macedonia to change the present formula on harmonizing the pensions and we will demand them to be corrected only according to the living expenses," says Dusko Surbanovski, president of the Association of Pensioners.
Under See, 162(h), a state legislator who lives more than 50 miles from the state capitol building can deduct deemed living expenses on specified legislative days.
Rule: One should keep enough cash to fund living expenses for three to six months.
For instance, suppose an investor retired in 2008 with a 100 percent stock portfolio and had to sell equity positions to meet daily living expenses.
Cardiff students will spend pounds 163m on term-time living expenses over the coming academic year.
Reimbursement by the employer of living expenses incurred by an employee during overseas business trips (e.
Residential students of the Boca Raton school attend on full tuition scholarship and use financial aid to help with living expenses.
Build an emergency fund of at least three to six months worth of living expenses.