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Holy Cross, which has a student body of about 2,880, has recognized that many students have legitimate reasons for living off campus, and will institute an application process to accommodate these students while still deterring disrespectful behavior in the neighborhood.
Bekim Rrahmani, 41, of Alum Rock Road, Alum Rock, will face a total of 11 charges - eight of rape, one of false imprisonment and two of living off the proceeds of prostitution at Warwick Crown Court.
Lynch noted that the price difference in living off campus can be huge and said he was hopeful he'd hear from many of the students he'd spoken to.
My family started living off the grid about seven years ago, when we moved to the mountains.
The odds of actually making a living off a blog or personal Web site are low.
SURVIVAL expert Steve Charlton, of High Spen, Gateshead, will hold a Forestry Commission bushcraft work-shop at Chopwell Wood on Sunday (March 19) on living off the land.
At the time of the "Mutiny at Freeman Field," my mother and I (born in November 1944) were living off base.
There is a struggle almost to the death between the last of the Apaches, who crave to reclaim their centuries-old life of raiding and living off the land, and the white settlers, who demand to live in peace on acreage they have mapped out as their personal property.
The Yukon has no reserves, but has a number of natives living off reserves with no special consideration in the federal plan.
They made a place where things could happen, and we're all living off that.
He was arrested in December 2002 and charged with living off the money made by prostitutes including Anita, Gabriella, Sabrina and Christina.
CELTIC hero David Marshall insisted last night that he will not be living off his incredible performance in the Nou Camp.

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