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Mark Jones, the firm's executive chairman, said: "The Living Room has performed well.
2) Producer Jerry McNutt and designer Kristan Cunningham, from HGTV's ``Design on a Dime,'' talk about the transformation of Gerri McCorkle's living room in Saugus.
The Living Room not only looks and tastes good, it also sounds great with live music planned for every day based around the white baby grand piano in the centre of the venue.
The mix of archetypes: Japanese (space within space), European (kindly living room and cave-like study) and Anglo-Indian (verandah) is a remarkable and moving tribute to evolving and exciting Australian culture.
He added that the fire in the living room did not really take off but the conservatory was well alight when firefighters arrived.
Consistency in the choice of materials adds to the feeling that the two spaces have fused: floors of both living room and patio are integrally colored, scored black concrete; walls inside and out are white; and indoor and outdoor furniture is limited to simple, black, geometric shapes.
However, all living room plans should follow design principles that bring out its best features, making the space feel warm and welcoming.
The Living Room is synonymous with live music as talented musicians from all over the region perform in the restaurant most evenings, perfectly complimenting the intimate, relaxed atmosphere of the venue and making it the ideal destination for after work drinks, a relaxed wind-down dinner, or a night out in the city.
A source within the Liverpool business community has told LDP Business there had been contact between Living Ventures and PBR over a possible deal for the Living Room and Prohibition outlets that would value the portfolio at much less than the pounds 28m it changed hands for two years ago.
This living room consists of half what would have been the old living room, and half of what is effectively an extension.
color) Belly dancer Amara clears her living room of all the furniture when it's time for her class.
The company is looking for a living room in a terraced house in Barry where it could film a three-minute drama to be screened on Channel Four.