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Reproduction is an instantaneous change, in that there is no intermediate state between not being a certain individual living thing and being that thing.
He concluded the meal with a short discourse on the first few chapters of Genesis, ending with the words (which I can still recall nearly 60 years later): "Genesis teaches me that the world has a history, man has a dignity, and all living things have worth.
If a tree can grow large, it's an indication the environment is healthy--healthy enough to support a tree, the world's oldest and largest living things.
As a vegetarian who understands what rights are, I see that they do not exist, at least as long as people decide what living things deserve concern.
I also think I have encountered what Loren Eisley once called a "hidden teacher" who has posed for me the central question of environmental ethics: how should human beings live in harmony with the forces of nature that nurture all living things inhabiting the Earth?
Atkins found the previous tallest living thing in 2000-another redwood known as the Stratosphere Giant.
And they are symbols of a world that will endure for generations to come; Earth's oldest living thing is a bristlecone pine in California that's been around for an estimated 4,700 years.
THE biggest living thing in Australia has been killed by bungling forest authorities.
Through the sin of disobedience, they will lose innocence and are expelled into the world of suffering and then, through God's displeasure, a flood washes away all but Noah and his family and a pair of each living thing.
The point I was making [in the review] was that, from the standpoint of just about every other living thing on the planet, human beings are a plague.
Bobbie Kalman's HOMES OF LIVING THINGS (0778732282) and LIVING THINGS IN MY BACKYARD (0778732312) will appeal to younger grades 2-4, explaining the basics of what makes a living thing and providing a very simple visual glossary of terms.
California's General Sherman giant sequoia remains the nation's largest tree and the world's largest living thing.