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Actually, our bedrooms are probably much tidier than our common areas because we spend most of our time together in the living-room space.
Roberts and his colleagues analyzed dust vacuumed from living-room carpets in 40 homes built in the Seattle area before 1950.
These new remotes will do for multi-zone, sophisticated home-entertainment systems what previous Harmony remotes have done for living-room entertainment: make universal control simple for the user," said Bryan McLeod, vice president of Logitech's remote control products.
Sheriff's deputies found DeLapaz lying on the living-room floor bleeding.
Furnishing any house is a job best shared by both parents, and they have already decided on a glass-topped dining-table set by Dakota Jackson; a living-room sofa by Karim Rashid; a cool, curvy chair by Ron Arad; and a coffee table by Keiser-Newman.

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