loan applicant

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Also, since the first loan applicant is a woman, we think that this will create financial independence and raise a woman's status at home and society," said Kajal Ilmi, founder, Aviom.
Another loan applicant - mum-of-seven Lyndsay Longstaff, of Faverdale Avenue, Acklam, denied conspiracy to defraud but was convicted by a jury after a short trial.
This phase is centered on the decision of the lender based on information provided by the loan applicant at the prior stage.
Northumberland County Council's Adult Learning Service's Wheels 2 Work team has just handed over the keys to its first successful scooter loan applicant and they are encouraging more people to take advantage of it.
The loan applicant must have a minimum income of Dh8,000 and only needs to transfer the salary to ADCB if the loan amount exceeds Dh150,000.
An eligible loan applicant can receive the loan at the time of his choice without any time limit.
The loan applicant will also get a complementary Titanium tint worth QR1,500, provided the loan amount is more than QR 50,000.
When mortgage underwriters check to verify the deposits -- which are in reality fraudulent sub-accounts -- they are told the money is in the name of the loan applicant.
In the absence of such data for nonmortgage loans, regulators may rely on time-consuming and less reliable approaches to identify possible discrimination, such as assuming a loan applicant is Hispanic based on his or her last name.
This study was designed to investigate the role of gender in bank lending, focusing on both the sex of the loan applicant and the sex of the bank loan officer as key elements of the gender, entrepreneurship, and bank lending nexus.
In examining the waiting period restriction, the court noted that most retail loans require some form of insurance before the advancement of funds, so a loan applicant likely will secure insurance before approval of the loan application.
This can provide loan officers a measure of whether a loan applicant would enhance his business performance after being granted a loan.