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The Commissioner said the main impact the lobbied can have on federal lobbying is contributing to what she calls a "culture of compliance".
Daschle reiterates that she never lobbied her husband on any of these issues, nor has her firm.
People can talk to whoever they want and be lobbied by whoever they want.
And efforts by mutual life insurance companies to block a tax increase would have been set back were it public earlier that one of their lobbyists, Clifford Gibbons, had lobbied his own father, Rep.
Those arguing for or against open access - which has been the most heavily lobbied issue of the past 18 months - spent $349,254 on lobbying during the three months covered by the report.
While there was previously a general assumption that charitables would not lobby very much - the statutes were remarkably vague - the way "charitables" such as the Alliance for Justice lobbied against Bork's nomination irked conservatives enough to press for a formalization of rules.