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American lobbies are, more importantly, significantly superior to voter behavior and opinion polls in their impact on foreign policy decision-making.
If an association joins a coalition that lobbies through its employees, the coalition must register and identify its employees.
First, focus market pressure on entrenched lobbies by exposing them to economic competition, especially through trade and deregulation.
Through Lagrange's unique design, the new lobbies will bring natural light into the building during the day and spill bright lights on to the streets at night--a concept Lagrange successfully applied to the recently renovated Bank of Boston.
These days, ethnic lobbies are about the only American organizations actively engaged in many small countries around the globe.
When environmentalists lobby more, business lobbies more, and vice versa.
com's cutting-edge communications technologies, including text chat, pager, and live voice chat -- which is featured in chat and game lobbies in as well as during game play.
As building owners and managers have stepped up security in their lobbies, Kastle Systems has accordingly enhanced and streamlined visitor registration," stated Mr.
In a society dense with professional lobbies," he contends, "FDR's brand of experimental central government cannot exist.
So the students donated the $250 they raised from the sale of the pamphlets to Action for the Homeless, a group that lobbies the legislature to fund programs on homelessness.
initiated the Building Art Program to convert building lobbies into art galleries, kicking off with the its "Building Art" installation which took place in the lobby of the Mana Products Building located at 32-02 Queens Boulevard.
Although he can't resist the urge to call military contractors "merchants of death" and anti-regulatory lobbies "the forces of darkness," he leavens his indignation with a welcome dash of mischievous humor ("Congress: Training Grounds for Real Jobs").