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Then, without a word of warning, without the shadow of a provocation, he bit that poodle's near fore-leg, and a yelp of agony rang through the quiet shades of that lobby.
The whole lobby was a perfect pandemonium, and the din was terrific.
George parted from them and strutted down the lobby to the General's box, the number of which he had carefully counted.
Give me your arm, Captain George"; and so saying, and with a nod to the General, she tripped into the lobby.
We were now in a bare and roomy lobby behind the shop, but separated therefrom by an iron curtain, the very sight of which filled me with despair.
In the end I had a signal in my turn, and retraced my steps with lighted matches, down the broad stairs, down the narrow ones, across the area, and up into the lobby where Raffles awaited me with an outstretched hand.
We started a quiet search and ultimately Ransome discovered him curled up in the sail-locker, which opened into the lobby by a sliding door.
Mingling in the crowd of carriages, horses, servants, chairmen, link-boys, porters, and idlers of all kinds, they lounged about; while Hugh's new friend pointed out to him significantly the weak parts of the building, how easy it was to get into the lobby, and so to the very door of the House of Commons; and how plainly, when they marched down there in grand array, their roars and shouts would be heard by the members inside; with a great deal more to the same purpose, all of which Hugh received with manifest delight.
In its most sophisticated and academic form, this criticism of the power of the pro-Israel lobby has even been endorsed by Ivy League professors such as John Mearsheimer and Stephen Walt.
The lobby, a dynamic feature of the building designed by Diller Scofidio + Renfro, provides the first experience of the ICA's striking architecture, with towering glass walls, views of Boston Harbor to the north and west, and a tapered design that draws visitors into the museum.
The mural is situated in the main corridor of the lobby at 80 Broad Street, a 36-story, 400,000 s/f Art Deco-inspired building designed in 1930 by architects Sloan & Robertson for New York's Maritime Exchange.
Many thanks to the League's growing Grassroots Lobby Corps of online activists for their terrific response to action alerts on clean air, ANWR and Social Security.