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Thus, in this study we focus on the development of PR and lobbyism in Denmark to gain an understanding of whether, and how, this development may be different in Denmark than in Sweden and Norway, but also which similarities there may be found between Denmark, Norway and Sweden when compared to the US.
A great part of current think tank research--or other contributions focusing lobbyism in general--remain policy blind, as von Winter rightly emphasizes (von Winter 2004).
He voiced suspicion that the so-called "change of statute" clause still carries concealed possibilities for lobbyism, especially when private forests are concerned.
In conclusion, Kolarova stated that, unless Parliament passed a Code of Ethics and an act on lobbyism, it could not possibly persuade anybody that it really wanted to put an end to influence trading and the intermingling of politics and organized crime.
Over the past year, Bulgaria's magistracy was tainted by a couple of scandals, one of which included lobbyism in the appointments of magistrates and the other transfers of valuable real estate below market prices to family members of senior judiciary.
The Bulgarian right-wing Blue Coalition is asking for the resignation of the Head of the Parliamentary Agriculture Committee, Desisalva Taneva, over alleged acts of lobbyism.
The socialist MP further pointed out the Speaker must assume full responsibility about the scandalous amendment to the Drug Substances Act, which, if materialized, would have liberalized the rules about advertisements including pictures of illegal drugs and was considered an act of lobbyism on the part of two MPs from the ruling GERB party.
Bulgaria's Transport Minister Alexander Tsvetkov, denied accusations of lobbyism and explained that the amendment which was abolished refers to the comfort of the buses and not to their safety.