local legislation

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Due to the current legislation in New York and any states that pass similar legislation, effective March 1st 2013, All-star Tactical will apply all current state and local legislation applicable to civilians, to all government agencies, including but not limited to, local and state law enforcement, first responders, sheriff departtnents, and federal agencies.
All councillors present lent a sympathetic ear, quoted statistics and read out extracts of local legislation regarding HMO, often repeating what the preceding councillor had already said.
The Canadian company decided on the move as recent changes in local legislation allow for increased foreign investment into certain domestic telecommunications firms such as Allstream, it said.
Under local legislation the money in the Silver Fund comes from privatization deals, concessions, and budget surpluses (if any).
The US bank will have a third of the capital of the JV, which is the maximum allowed for a foreign partner under the local legislation.
These banks all conform to international resolutions, local legislation and the instructions of the Central Bank of Kuwait," he noted.
Bulgarian diplomatic missions in 87 countries have been instructed to check local legislation about conduct of elections by another state or by the diplomatic missions of a foreign state within the territory of the host country.
Disasters can be used as an opportunity to decrease gender gaps and discrimination in laws customs and practices, he said and that UNs Guiding Principles could be translated in local legislation.
10) about Cllr Dave McLuckie tackling the abuse of the Blue Badge scheme comes to fruition with intended local legislation, including fines of pounds 80.
Noting that many farmers "do not understand that the quality of the soil directly affects the yield," Chacon said it is crucial to monitor compliance with local legislation on the protection, use and conservation of soil, which prohibits farmers from irrigating land with water of poor quality, burning crop residues without authorization and depositing toxic substances in inappropriate places.
Aiyari said that signs and placards that were funded by the USAID and distributed to schools across the Kingdom were of a paramount importance and came in line with local legislation and rules.