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Provision of supplies, delivery and installation of new furniture for the installation of departments and services of the Regional Health Agency of Rhone-Alpes (ARS Ra): Lot No 1: equipment workspaces: Lot No 2: equipment of modular meeting rooms: Lot # 3: equipment for meeting rooms: Lot No 4: the equipment room of the agency committee: Lot # 5: equipment of local relaxation and waiting areas: Lot # 6: acoustic equipment workspaces: Lot # 7: classotheques of equipment, local archives and storage rooms
If the polymer is capable of exhibiting a secondary transition [Beta], (associated to the local relaxation modes of the macromolecular structure or the relaxation of the side groups), Bauwens showed that at high strain rates, the variation of the yield stress with the strain rate can be described by the generalized theory proposed by Ree-Eyring (2):
By defining the temperature- and pressure-dependent local relaxation time