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Dominion Wireless designs, manufactures and markets RF locating systems using its patented FLARE technology.
With many international customer successes, including new product installations at Ford Motor Company in Valencia, Spain and Genk, Belgium, WhereNet has established a strong European presence to deliver its wireless locating and tracking solutions to enterprises throughout Europe.
WhereNet's real-time locating and tracking technology utilize patented advances in spread-spectrum wireless technology to provide the ability to locate any tagged object with accuracy within 10 feet (3 meters).
WhereNet's material call system is a real-time locating system based on a wireless tag and a network of readers.
WhereNet is the first company to design, build and market RF-based Real-Time Locating Systems for locating, tracking and managing supply-chain resources, critical to success in today's competitive global business environment.
We have been extremely successful in implementing our real-time locating systems within the automotive, manufacturing, and retail industries," stated Dan Doles, WhereNet President and COO.
We believe WhereNet provides the best real-time locating solution available on the market today and RSI is excited about bringing this technology to theme park attendees and operators.
We believe our proprietary infrared locating technology will help Marquette to continue to grow while allowing us the opportunity to further expand our reseller channel so that we can reach beyond our base of direct customers," Gaisser added.
It has screeners that quickly locate facilities and determine whether a locating technician needs to be dispatched to stake the location.
For the hospital, this means that locating equipment throughout the hospital is now possible because the entire facility can have sensors to locate this highly mobile equipment," stated Michael Yacenda, executive vice president.