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LOCATOR, civil law. He who leases or lets a thing to hire to another. His duties are, 1st. To deliver to the hirer the thing hired, that he may use it. 2d. To guaranty to the hirer the free enjoyment of it. 3d. To keep the thing hired in good order in such manner that the hirer may enjoy it. 4th. To warrant that the thing hired has not such defects as to destroy its use. Poth. Du. Contr. de Louage, n. 53.

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Sprint Family Locator is just one of a variety of tools offered on the Now Network by Sprint to help parents manage their children's phone usage and view safety information.
CLS uses locators to map the locations of underground utilities across the United States.
Based on positive consumer and retailer feedback on our auto and pet locators, we are confident in the tremendous potential of our Universal locator as a tool to help people stay connected to so many things of importance.
According to Timothy Neher, founder and president of Wherify Wireless, it took four years of hard work, along with extensive product development and testing, to bring the GPS Personal Locator to market.
Source One is the first national lender to announce participation in the Loan Locator web site, with other national lenders expected to announce their involvement in the coming weeks.
The XRS R9G, including a GPS locator with red light and speed camera database, has an MSRP of $449.
The Locator runs on IBM or compatible PCs and on local area networks (LANs).
In 2000, McMurdo demonstrated the versatility of its technology successfully launching its first PLB (Personal Locator Beacon) for use on land, sea or air.
The firm began making magnetic locators for land surveyors in the 1970s, and the distinctive 'yellow stick' soon became the global standard for survey monument location.
Location Based Technologies Inc, a developer of personal locator devices, announced today that its PocketFinder GPS Personal Locator and GPS Vehicle Locator devices go on sale across the United States and Canada from today.
After the instructions are received, ship the target locator using the same FTE document number if possible.
recognized by Deloitte and Touche as one of the 50 fastest growing technology companies in Virginia, has launched its Worldwide Parts Locator Service (WPLS) for data and voice network operators.