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LOCATOR, civil law. He who leases or lets a thing to hire to another. His duties are, 1st. To deliver to the hirer the thing hired, that he may use it. 2d. To guaranty to the hirer the free enjoyment of it. 3d. To keep the thing hired in good order in such manner that the hirer may enjoy it. 4th. To warrant that the thing hired has not such defects as to destroy its use. Poth. Du. Contr. de Louage, n. 53.

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Since 2009, we have welcomed 67 new locators to FPIP.
Ravanshad in his study concluded that in addition to reducing radiographic exposure, electronic apex locators are superior in reducing overestimation of root canal length.
Their Dallas Apartment Locators work with 93% of apartments in North Texas and offer Rental Cash Rebates for using their Dallas Apartment Locator Service.
In the GSM locator design process, priority was given to two basic requirements --namely, the requirement for small dimensions of the locator, and the requirement for long battery life.
The compact GPS Vehicle Locator can also help authorities to quickly find a lost or stolen vehicle.
After the instructions are received, ship the target locator using the same FTE document number if possible.
The locator itself is identical in size and shape to a remote, but, says Veltkamp, it has a feature that helps it avoid the remote's wayward fate: Velcro backing.
The PocketFinder Personal Locator is a groundbreaking device that will change the way families stay connected and assets are located.
This makes the second time this year that Laser Locators has received top accolades by the Tampa Bay Business Journal.
Instead of following the instructions of the arbitration court and paying CJHDevCo what it owes, Casanova has been harassing locators and lessees by coercing them to cede the BCDA rights (that they obviously do not have) by signing a Deed of Assignment for the purpose.
Infrared locator technology can be integrated with the system for precise, real-time identification and location ofcaregivers and equipment, which will display on the nurse master console LCD screen or the touch screen monitor.
announced the availability of its PocketFinder[R] GPS Personal Locator and GPS Vehicle Locator devices for purchase today throughout the United States and Canada exclusively on the Online Apple Store[R] (NASDAQ: AAPL ).