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The roll lock-out system is an optional feature that can be retrofitted on PTi's complete line of roll stands and on many non-PTi roll stands.
Office space rental, lender lock-outs and retaliation.
The only possible outcome is that BBC will have to stump up, or face further lock-outs.
Since then, lock-outs have been used more widely in the sale and purchase of land and a subsequent court ruling has made it clear that the courts will support a properly constituted lock-out agreement for the sale of land, as well as for the sale of shares.
Built-in AutoQC[R] module holds up to 40 days of QC material & automatically provides programmable QC regimens, lock-outs, & lot-to-lot comparisons.
WORKERS unfairly sacked after one of Wales' longest-running lock-outs have vowed to fight for compensation after their workplace was sold to developers.
Mechanical approaches to this end include physical lock-outs, defence-in-depth strategy, mandatory early warning systems, and enforced clinical pathways or algorithms.
Kia says a survey has shown that breakdown incidents are extremely low and the top five call-out requirements are for user-related issues such as lock-outs, and running out of fuel.
Kia says that a survey has shown that occurrences of vehicle breakdown are extremely low and the top five call out requirements are for user related issues such as lock-outs, and running out of fuel.
There were protests, sit-ins, lock-outs and much fun with secret files on MI6 recruitment.