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We had to make a warehouse with a pulley and lockable door," said Arif, 11, from Butetown.
Other options include heavy-duty lockable safety casters.
Homeowners are being advised to fit a lockable gate onto side entrances and also use a padlock.
Also introduced were two new Performance flat panel LCDs that offer higher contrast ratios, faster response times, increased brightness, height adjustable stands, an energy efficient design, intuitive control menu and optional lockable speaker bar.
MBM Corporation of North Charleston, South Carolina, makes lockable document containers to keep documents secure until they are shredded.
Both units ride on heavy duty, rubberized, lockable casters for easy transport within a manufacturing facility.
The Coffin Gun Case features heavy-duty plywood construction, a black scratch-resistant PVC exterior, red velvet diamond tucked interior, steel hardware and lockable latches and aluminum trim and chromed handle.
The lockable bracket easily attaches to walls, IV poles, wheelchairs, medications carts, and more.
The FM4005 device combines a real-time clock (RTC), low-VDD reset, watchdog timer, battery-backed event counter, lockable 64-bit serial number area, and general-purpose comparator that can be used for an early power-fail (NMI) interrupt or other purpose.
Safety features include: no operation if lockable front door is open; lockable emergency stop button; lockable mains isolator; water resistance to pressure (for power washing); and motor overload protection.
These arrive by car through a lockable garage at the west end of the ground floor to be booked in at a no-frills reception area with lockers for personal belongings.