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All of the generator's functions are controlled from a lockable control panel.
These arrive by car through a lockable garage at the west end of the ground floor to be booked in at a no-frills reception area with lockers for personal belongings.
Standard features on the 275 include: Lockable curbside Control Panel * Lockable Hose Reel w/50 HP hose & flexible spray wand * 16" Lawn Sweep * Patented 3" stainless steel Emulsifier Gun * 3" stainless steel Valve Body Clean-out Tool.
What you get: Suitable from three months, seat pad, footmuff, quick release lockable swivel front wheels, air pump, raincover and wheel covers.
The 2003 Chevrolet Avalanche features two lockable storage compartments on either side of its reconfigurable cargo box with covers molded of Sequel 1880 engineered polyolefins.
Beyond a basic desk, the Rehearsal Resource Center features rack-mount shelves for stereo equipment, a lockable drawer for storing CDs and cassette tapes, and almost nine square feet of clear countertop space.
Other features include a lockable lid to reduce accidental spilling during transport or display and fully-removable top and pump for easy cleaning.
They all said they wanted more work surface, lockable drawers and a decreased size of the radius so they can see each other and improve communication.
Used either together or separately, the external hard case is composed of polypropylene and fastened with an oversized handle and four flush, lockable latches.
The cabinet includes a lockable front door with fully-tested safety glass.
Each station is self-contained, and lockable casters make it portable.
The product supports up to 12 hotpluggable, lockable SCSI disk drives with capacities of 4.