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Where once the people of Crewe drew pride from their role in designing and building the great locomotive engines which helped provide the infrastructure for industrialisation, they now find it in their football club.
Idle-reduction technology that automatically starts and stops locomotive engines when not in use and in some cases provides auxiliary power to reduce the need to idle when a locomotive is not in motion; and
9572281 Suitable For Compressor Pressure Testing Of Hhp Locomotive Engine Block With All Fitting Necessary To Fit On Engine Block Procurement Through Past Proven Source Only.
Caterpillar and its subsidiaries are recognized as the global leaders in diesel engine technology, which allows Progress Rail and EMD to offer the broadest range of locomotive engine solutions and remain the only manufacturer of 2- and 4-cycle locomotive engines.
On the list are MDC Locomotive Engine, Great Howard Street; the Kissing Gate, Lime Street (formally part of the International Garden Festival Site); Liverpool First Paving Stones, London Road; Ray and Julie, London Road; Piano Bench, Mathew Street; Totem Pole, Whitechapel; Tango, Concert Square; Turkish Coffee House; Unknown Landscapes, Queen Square; Memorial to the Great Irish Famine, Gardens of St Luke's Church; Palanzana, Fontenoy Street
Three of the five carriages on the Severn Lamb narrow gauge train, built in 1971, and a locomotive engine, one of only 200 built, were 'pretty well destroyed'.
The heart of the PowerHaul locomotive is the newly developed 16-cylinder PowerHaul engine - GE's most technologically advanced locomotive engine to-date.
Tenders are invited for Annual work contract for repairing / overhauling of locomotive engine as and when required basis.
Even though the SSME weighs one-seventh as much as a locomotive engine, its high-pressure fuel pump alone delivers as much horsepower as 28 locomotives, while its high-pressure oxidizer pump delivers the equivalent horsepower for 11 more.
The Electro-Motive Division chose our governor for its reliable control over locomotive engine performance.
Tenders are invited for A Set Of Spares For Alco Locomotive Engine Lifting Device As Per The Enclosed Specification And Drawings .
The locomotive engine produces up to 6,000 horsepower, enough to pull up to 6,000 tons of freight.