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Por otro lado, el termino traumatologia, hace alusion a la parte de la medicina referente a los traumatismos y sus efectos, asignandole al traumatologo, todos los traumatismos referentes al aparato locomotor, por lo que hoy en dia, las especialidades de Ortopedia y Traumatologia, van tomadas de la mano como una sola en la mayor parte del mundo.
The assessment of locomotor activity and exploration in a novel environment was done by open field activity test.
In this study, the prevalence of cataract, locomotor problems, and depression was found to be significantly higher in females.
To determine whether aspirin improved recovery of function after SCI, we employed the BBB locomotor rating scale.
Locomotor activity trial: The locomotor activity of administrated rats was evaluated by the open-field test.
Recent studies have provided some indication for the potential benefits of a training program based on strategies that can elicit locomotor adaptations based on feedback-error learning.
Emphasizing clinical anatomy, this atlas integrates current information from a wide range of medical disciplines into the discussions of the locomotor system, including:
In the first protocol, subjects walked at the frequency of their HR to induce synchronization between heartbeat and locomotor activity (CLS protocol).
Acute administration of abused drugs such as cocaine, morphine, and METH induces hyperlocomotion, whereas repeated administration results in a progressive, enhanced locomotor activity (Filip et al.
Both 5-HT (see above) and ergometrine (Pavlova, 2010) stimulate and significantly increase locomotor activity.
Previous debate on the locomotor behavior of Oreopithecus had focused on the anatomy of the limbs and pelvis, but no one had reassessed the controversial claim that its lower back was human-like.