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The overtly dispositional locution "the disposition to break when struck by a hammer" refers to the property of being fragile.
En ce qui concerne la locution rue Xqui me preoccupe ici, je constate un double phenomene: d'abord, il est possible d'introduire un determinant classique dans l'expression rue X, sans produire d'importante difference de sens--phenomene du SN a article zero deja remarque et justifie par J.
On Easter Sunday, 1968, the seventeen-year-old Kamm experienced his first locution following Mass at the Cathedral.
A small change in locution illustrates a change in the character and conceptions of a people.
Since the country's first Basic Law, a quasi-constitutional document, spoke of a "Jewish and democratic state" in the 1980s, that locution quickly became the legal mantra for discussion of the nature of Israel.
Would that Gordon, a professor of drama and director of the Pinter Centre for Performance and Creative Writing at Goldsmiths, University of London (a locution that parallels some of Davies's more ambitious attempts at self-definition in The Caretaker), had been somewhat less challenging in his own locutions--a danger, perhaps, of writing for an academic rather than a popular readership.
Ainsi, la locution doit attendre une circonstance particuliere pour apparaitre dans la conversation ou le discours ecrit; c'est dire qu'en plus de la valeur permanente du contexte et de la situation, la selection de ce type d'enonce, demande aussi a etre mise en rapport avec le theme que les interlocuteurs ont choisi d'aborder.
Le projet de loi no 625 -- The Saskatchewan Respectful Language Act, qu'a presente David Forbes, depute de l'opposition, visait l'elimination des termes << mental retardation >> (arrieration mentale), << mentally retarded >> (arriere mental), << retardation >> (arrieration) ainsi que << retarded >> et << retard >> (arriere) de l'ensemble des lois et des reglements en vigueur en Saskatchewan pour les remplacer par << intellectual disability >> (defieience intellectuelle) ou toute autre locution plus appropriee.
le rideau est tombe"), a declare hier lundi Bart De Wever, empruntant la locution latine par laquelle on annoncait jadis la fin des representations theatrales.
The locution is a common Bulgarian formula for wishing all the best, but may also commonly be interpreted as ironic, implying that the speaker does not care too much about the dealings of the person referred to.
Occasionally Carson takes a very striking locution from the earlier translation, for instance following Kinsella in translating Fedelm's prophecy "Atchiu forderg, atchiu ruad" as "I see it crimson, I see it red.
a locution that entered family lore on the spot, this friend last