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ou les concepts des nouveaux engineerings apparaissaient et/ou se developpaient generalement en premier -- placait le Canada en position privilegiee pour etre le siege du transfert d'idees nouvelles en matiere scientifique et technologique, et donc les nouveaux engineerings; probablement que les canadiens de langue francaise durent ainsi se trouver devant l'absolue necessite d'introduire des locutions francaises pour designer les locutions anglo-americaines qui avaient, bien evidemment, ete adoptees par leurs compatriotes anglophones.
The many references to the head (roughly 220) consist of severed heads (mostly human but also of animals killed in a hunt); locutions in which objects are placed on the head (most commonly crowns and garlands); bloody, broken, and bare heads; and a wide variety of actions.
Still, with time Maria grew content at the convent, experiencing consoling locutions and visions.
It is significant, given Hemingway's minimalist locutions, that the war monument is mentioned two more times in the short scene-setting paragraph of fourteen sentences: "Italians came from along way off to look up at the war monument.
Similarly, in The Virago Book of Love Letters, a letter written by a miner's wife to her husband after his death in a pit disaster in 1914, written guilelessly and at a time of grief, needs not the carefully thought out locutions of the literary greats to wring the heart: `when .
Nogues' survey of folklore and popular pastimes on the French mid-Atlantic littoral is still one of the best ethnographies of the region penned by a local erudit scrupulous about the regional specificity of the rites and locutions he describes.
Of the three, Pagis and Amichai make the most frequent efforts to incorporate elements of classical Hebrew in their predominantly colloquial diction, but in opposite ways - Amichai quite often imbedding allusive and ironically pointed bits of traditional texts in his own language, Pagis more unobtrusively modulating into locutions that recall in the Hebrew a higher literary decorum or, occasionally and somewhat distantly, a specific biblical or rabbinic text.
The poem has been reprinted several times, and I've always taken a small if foolish delight in having editors use such locutions as "I would like to have 'My Penis' (your poem I mean, ha-ha) in X.
There are lots of big words and tortuous locutions, but the scenes just hang there and nothing sparks off anything else.
The tension of his abrupt enjambments, the stuttered definitions, shifting vectors in syntax, which cut by line breaks, knotted by anacoluthon (to effect metaphor of locutions rather than images), yet ends up, like a magician's rope, in one piece--these haunt me with felt time: argons of alert animality pacing in thought.
of Richmond) endeavors to deconstruct and historicize metaphors of nativity and maternality in which are embedded ideologies of gender, race, and ethnicity, claiming that the seemingly innocuous locutions "native language," "native speaker," and "mother tongue" are in fact products and reinforcers of ethnolinguistic nationalist prejudices originating in the historical emergence of nation-states.
Thus, he takes pains to regard locutions like "being qua being" and "ousia" as initially mere "placeholders" whose senses and referents are determined only subsequently.