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MADAM,--I am surprised that my letter, dated the 8th of last month, did not come to your hand; I give you my word it was delivered at your lodgings, and to the hands of your maid.
I enclose you here a bill for #50 for clearing yourself at your lodgings, and carrying you down, and hope it will be no surprise to you to add, that on this account only, and not for any offence given me on your side, I can see you no more.
The American Hotel and Lodging Association Educational Institute (AHLAEI) also presented its awards at the meeting.
Thus, the case presents an imponderable question: "When a vehicle can be simultaneously used for both lodging and transportation, how can one tell which use is primary?
The Finch family stays in the region, providing lodging to snowmobiler and to workers, if there is construction at the Weyerhauser mill.
Its ``Ski Taos'' package includes three nights' lodging, lift tickets and daily breakfast for $199 per person, double occupancy.
Northstar-at-Tahoe at Lake Tahoe offers a night's double-occupancy lodging starting at $74.
Carl Winston's experience in the lodging industry and his passion for legislative issues is invaluable to the California Hotel & Lodging Association.
For inexpensive lodging, we suggest two clean, but no-frills places.
White Lodging is extremely excited about developing Austin's largest hotel project to date, and it illustrates our ongoing commitment to the city and our intent to be here well into the future," said Deno Yiankes, White Lodging Services President and COO, Development and Asset Management.
The Tamarack offers package deals that include lodging, breakfast, equipment rental, trail pass and group ski lesson.
According to Ed Watkins, "This is just the beginning for LHTV and Lodging Hospitality's digital efforts.