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As a result, the developer needed the zoning board to allow a lodging house use for the building, which is located in a BG-6 (business-general) zone, to accommodate the inclusion of four-bedroom units in the project.
Having a bevvie with a bizzie," - having an alcoholic drink with a police officer "He's got a gob on 'im like a lodging house cat.
The 1851 census shows that one lodging house in Pipewellgate, on the riverside, had 47 lodgers, many of them Scottish.
First Step Housing will reach out to homeless individuals who do not access the City's shelters by reinventing the traditional lodging house and offering private, safe, clean and affordable short-term accommodations," said Rosanne Haggerty, president and founder of Common Ground Community.
Babang said a drug buy-bust operation was carried out after PDEA-ARMM received a tip from a phone caller about two persons peddling shabu inside the lodging house.
A RETIRED accountant who used her life savings to set up a lodging house for vulnerable people has scooped a prestigious new volunteering honour, Prime Minister David Cameron has announced.
A Highland Street home that had recently been eyed for conversion into a college dormitory is now being considered for conversion into a lodging house.
Stephen Dixon writes: This rather solitary colour photo, top, of lodging house and beach chalet in Redcar was taken in September 1858.
It is the three-storey Penny Lodging House near The Maltings arts centre - "a doss house", says Maltings artistic director Miles Gregory bluntly - which has been lifted out of a state of near-dereliction for these performances by Brass Bastion, a local theatre company which specialises in so-called site-specific productions.
DEACONESS Ann Lyall and the team at the Lodging House Mission in Glasgow have obviously created a fantastic atmosphere, which encourages visitors to return again and again.
Joe Lancaster, who ran a women's lodging house at 121-123 Richmond Row, told the police the naked woman and Mrs Watt had both stayed at his lodging house.
In the Blackpool lodging house farce, Having A Wonderful Time, the young Mr Baron was said to "suggest well the flashy young motor-cyclist".