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LOG BOOK. A ship's journal. It contains a minute account of the ship's course, with a short history of every occurrence during the voyage. 1 Marsh. Ins. 408. When a log books required by law to be kept, it is an official register so far as regards the transactions required by law to be entered in it, but no further. Ab. Sh. by Story, 468, n. 1; 1 Sumn. R. 373 2 Summ. 19, 78; 4 Mason, R. 544; 1 Esp. R. 427.

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Items like the school log book showed them how the building had changed and when a school uniform was introduced.
Dolphin obtained the log book through its books and records search and is now making it available on http://www.
John McKenzie and Maria Glen are already hard at work compiling a log book for their new home.
The Challenge winds up at a banquet in Belgium on October 6 where awards will be presented for categories including best vacation, most attractions, best theme, hard luck, and the coveted best log book award.
That's because it operates under an obscure Victorian law where the borrower signs away ownership of their vehicle to Log Book Loans, usually in a branch of an agent like Cash Converters, but sometimes in a car park or on the street.
Q My son bought a car from someone whose name wasn't on the log book.
But the salesman told me it belonged to George Best but I never thought about it anymore until I got home and checked the log book and right enough there was George Best's name and address as one of the previous owners.
Deputy head and Year 6 teacher, Pam Monaghan, said a 1908 log book and an admissions register from the same year were among a large collection of records which the school now feels should be handed over.
The aim of the log book scheme is to produce data on the number, size and condition of the fish all year round.
A Belgian boat brought 270kgof fish into Liverpool, which it claimed in its log book to be sand sole -a cheap relative of the Dover sole.
From now on, every motorist who needs to get a new tax disc at the post office must show their log book or renewal notice (form V11).
Former first lady Nancy Reagan, who received the plane's log book after she toured the plane one last time Saturday, thanked the appreciative audience of about 1,000 and said the occasion was an emotional one.