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Finocchiaro is able to maintain that the possibility of arguments that are not amenable to logical argumentation does not entail anything-goes argumentative anarchy because he has a broader sense of what counts as rational argumentation.
Sussman rejects these outright for a deconstructive approach to religious phenomenological and existential experience on the basis of his own logo-centric categories for deconstruction, using logical argumentation throughout his book, a gift from our own Western heritage.
Support has also been manufactured through ostensibly logical argumentation.
Baghdad, May 7, (VOI) a" An Iraqi newspaper on Wednesday called on Iraqis to use dialogue and logical argumentation instead of violence, while another described the sectarian struggle as an attempt to "tear up the social fabric of Iraqi society.
Still, the support of the EEA EFTA States for the enlargement of the EU was less based on logical argumentation or careful calculation of economic interest than on political and emotional grounds.
Isn't knowledge or at least logical argumentation relevant to obtaining "guest" status?
As readers of Foucault are well aware, producing an archaeology - or charting the patterns of knowledge that prevail in a particular period by dwelling on the limits and conventions of representation rather than on its sources or intentions - requires a different form of expression from logical argumentation.
If moral and logical argumentation does not appear to be persuasive in matters of privilege and power, the challenge for social/political activists is to discover what is.
The poem is remarkable for its clarity, logical argumentation, and thorough approach.
Given their emphasis on reason and logical argumentation, they made the proponents of traditional theology look old fashioned and unsure of themselves.
First, there is provided a general justification of the "argumentative" style in engaging Rorty's position against his objection to this approach, while showing that what he calls his strategy of "re-description" is really nothing but a form of logical argumentation.