logical process

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There must be a logical process by which new species developed.
After consultation that respects owners' rights to sell and those of the community to maintain their environment, a planning guidance document could lead to a more logical process.
Fortunately, it is easier to be a good teacher than a bad one, for teaching is a logical process, with a distinct beginning, middle and end.
This may be blindingly obvious to you and me but appears to be the logical process only now being stumbled upon by our leading veterinary scientists.
This control center approach is similar to the logical process approach described earlier.
Basic answers to simple questions--the use of flowcharts enables logical process analysis and exposes system deficiencies.
The presentation will focus on topics including, leveraging a data governance strategy to reduce the possibility of business-process interruptions due to omissions, duplication, consistency and content errors, or a lack of data standards; determining if there is a logical process for master data governance and how to apply it; and overcoming the complexities of building an effective data governance organization.
The Merchant Atlas sales automation platform advances the sales function with a streamlined, logical process that benefits publishers and merchants.
The deft organization of the material allows each chapter to lead to the next in a logical process.
It makes you wonder what kind of logical process would be employed to decide when to press the button and who to point the missiles at.
Problems have solutions, and there's a logical process that you go through to achieve consensus.