logical relation

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Data analysis revealed the occurrence of two types of phenomena, which involve explicit expression in the translation of implicit logical relations between ST sentences and clauses.
Wallace notes that "the incoherence of these beliefs is a straightforward function of the logical relations among their contents, suggesting that the normative force of the instrumental principle can be traced to independent rational constraints on your beliefs--in particular constraints on certain combinations of beliefs.
Subsequently, the data is enriched through business rules that detect anomalies and establish logical relations in the data, such as aligning instruments and issuers.
Bennett and Hacker present their thesis that between these two disciplines there is a direct division of labor: 'investigating logical relations among concepts is a philosophical task' while 'guiding that investigation down pathways that will illuminate brain research is a neuroscientific one' (3).
Asia is a region in which countries have logical relations with one another and nobody is seeking hegemony, said Larijani.
Statements about essences, then (like grammatical statements more generally), are "statements of a different kind concerning conceptual or logical relations, and it is characteristic of such statements that they are nontemporal, i.
By "locatiom" or "place" of Being the author sometimes intends Being's logical relations to other metaphysical categories, and at other times the situatedness of "Being" in the Heideggerian sense of Dasein, namely, regarding the human being (see p.
The most thorny problem for this project has been explaining the logical relations between such evaluative judgments and other judgments expressed using evaluative terms in unasserted contexts, such as when moral judgments are embedded in conditionals.