logical result

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To use and Americanism, he had `taken no chances', and the absolute accuracy with which his instructions were fulfilled was simply the logical result of his care.
Alfred scolds me, every time we meet; and he has the better of me, I grant,--for he really does something; his life is a logical result of his opinions and mine is a contemptible non sequitur.
The England squad will come as a logical result if things are cured," Bilic said.
The high results that we ve achieved during independent benchmarking surveys and the mobile users who refuse the services of our competitors and join our network is the logical result of right balance between the high quality and advantageous price offered by Bakcell.
I believe that winning is a logical result of development, so my complete focus is on planning and preparing my team and each unique individual to compete every day at a higher level.
A short month later he is decrying the logical result of supporting cuts to the Wales.
The pair's affinity for acoustic guitar-based harmonising was immediate and this career diversion is the logical result.
We feel very comfortable about the democratic process in Iraq which has reached to a logical result through selecting prime minister-designate Haider Al Abadi to form an inclusive government that comprises all Iraqi sects," Zarif told a news conference with Iraqi Foreign Minister Hoshiyar Zebari.
Shaikh Salman described the achievement as a logical result of the distinguished efforts made by the club's Board of Directors and officials to pave the way for clinching the title.
Opening the European Union facility is the logical result of Arnott's significant and growing worldwide product popularity," said Arnott's Todd Nash, Senior Vice President of Global Sales and Marketing.
Roman Ivanov, BIOCAD's Vice-President for Research and Development, “These agreements have become the logical result of the persistent, continuous work to expand the geography of BIOCAD's medications, which are undoubtedly in demand in many international markets due to the extremely attractive ratio of reasonable price to their high quality.
The current situation is the logical result of what former President Bozize set in motion by freeing prisoners and bandits, distributing weapons of war and machetes in the neighbourhoods of Bangui, and inciting tribalism and religious hatred," Djotodia said.