logical sequence

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I had the good fortune to seize upon that, and everything which has occurred since then has served to confirm my original supposition, and, indeed, was the logical sequence of it.
They also agreed that learning objectives were identified before the start with logical sequence of lectures and adequate discussion.
The chapters are unfurled in a logical sequence and cover such topics as urban case studies of the best preserved public latrines in Pompeii, Herculaneum, Rome, and Ostia; hygiene and sanitation through the lens of cross-cultural anthropology and archaeological theory, with brief overviews of biblical, European, Muslim, Hindu, Chinese, Japanese, and Vietnamese examples; sanitation in Rome, with the star appearance of the Cloaca Maxima; what Roman toilets reveal about a less-than-desirable level of Roman public health; the Roman concepts of public and private; the moral superiority of elites who used wealth to ensure their privacy; and finally the valuable evidence supplied by relevant Roman wall paintings and written sources.
All relevant information is immediately accessible in straight-to-the-point paragraphs that follow a logical sequence.
The chapters follow a logical sequence, starting with the process of fermenting and distilling spirits and moving through aging, preparing, and consuming them.
Taking a practical and interactive approach, the course highlighted the human rights at stake and best practices in policing in a real-case scenario, which followed the logical sequence of a counter-terrorism investigation.
As you will be able to see from my Pinterest board as compared to my Pindex board, you are able to position pins on your Pindex board so they follow a logical sequence, whereas you can't do this on your Pinterest board.
Pascual and Kumar explain how to measure maintenance performance, and propose a logical sequence for the maintenance process auditor.
Have your charts ready and print an observing list that includes a logical sequence.
This companion to the original Common Core Companion Grades 3-5 gathers lesson plans, connects them into a logical sequence of teachings, and provides teachers with everything needed to pair the Common Core's requirements with an instructional game plan.
Under Onwani the capital's major thoroughfares have been renumbered so that motorists can find streets using a logical sequence of numbers.
Logical sequence should be followed where use of tables and figures is necessary.