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Press Release added that 30 meter long cause way in Zormandai, 625 meter long access way in Momin koroona and 457 meter long access road in Kotkay mohalla Khar village have been rehabilitated along with side drains and retaining walls constructed.
However, there are some things about scatterguns that defy explanation, and they will long cause ballisticians to scratch their heads in puzzlement Two of my guns are perfect examples.
out for home him a really the long cause of Dumfries and Galloway Council leader Ronnie Nicholson said: "I'm not convinced we can blame the council for someone's hay fever, particularly in these fields because a large part of the grass never been cut as it's on ScaRe Lynsey is worried Leo will have has marshland.
That's why he's been in the game this long cause it's a great pitch.
Sometimes neglecting the problem for long causes deterioration in their condition until surgery becomes the imminent solution to resolve the issue.
Research shows that sitting for long causes several health hazards, such as obesity and metabolic syndrome, heart disease, diabetes, and even cancer.
The hardest part is I actually spend most of the play in bed and lying in the same position for so long causes all sorts of problems with your neck and breathing," says Paul.
JOB DONE: Reading's Jobi McAnuff jumps into Albion's Chris Brunt MARCHING ORDERS: Jonas Olsson is dismissed by referee Jon Moss LONG STORY: Reading's Shane Long causes panic in the Albion defence UP FOR THE CUP: Albion's Paul Scharner is head and shoulders above Reading's Jimmy Kebe at the Madjeski Stadium
Simple things do damage - lifting a not very heavy box or parcel can dislocate a shoulder, writing for too long causes one of my fingers to go out of control.