long gone

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The time when you and this prison had anything in common has long gone by.
As he lay in the early morning recalling the incidents of his great ad- venture, he noticed that they seemed curiously subdued and far away -- somewhat as if they had happened in another world, or in a time long gone by.
It was the fact that this silent grave gave evidence that Bradley had come this far upon his expedition and that he too probably was lost, for it was not our intention that he should be long gone.
Thoroughly engaging and graced with occasional black-and-white period photos, reading "Up on a Hill and Thereabouts" is like peering through a window in time and coming to understand a young life in a world now long gone into the mists of history.
Long gone, it seems, is the notion that the real joy of learning is in the opening up of young minds and the broadening of their horizons.
Armstrong Siddeley springs to mind, which has long gone where my sister, father and I worked.
Summary: DUBAI - Long gone are the days of waiting around for bus number 29, thanks to a new SMS scheme announced by the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA).
And they say, we'll all be long gone by the time time really does end.
Those days of that type of appointment have long gone.
Like many another such, Railway Terrace and its 17 houses is long gone, a victim of the slum clearances of the 1970s.
Judge Stewart continued: "Before this case, I had associated cannibalism wither as long gone, with the tale of Robinson Crusoe.
Although the coal mines are long gone, the Durham Miners Gala, or Big Meeting, is still a festive occasion with hundreds of banners from long-gone mines being paraded in front of marching bands through the city centre to the racecourse.