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Cousin Hepzibah," said the Judge, with an impressive earnestness of manner, which grew even to tearful pathos as he proceeded, "is it possible that you do not perceive how unjust, how unkind, how unchristian, is this constant, this long-continued bitterness against me, for a part which I was constrained by duty and conscience, by the force of law, and at my own peril, to act?
It might be the exhilaration of that potent cordial which is distilled only in the furnace-glow of earnest and long-continued thought.
These huge round boulders still remain in the holes; they and the walls of the holes are worn smooth by the long-continued chafing which they gave each other in those old days.
She has suffered some long-continued mental trial, some wearing and terrible suspense -- and she has broken down under it.
He admitted, however, although with hesitation, that much of the peculiar gloom which thus afflicted him could be traced to a more natural and far more palpable origin--to the severe and long-continued illness--indeed to the evidently approaching dis- solution--of a tenderly beloved sister--his sole companion for long years--his last and only relative on earth.
I felt that sickly giddiness which arises from long-continued whirling round.
There were three circumstances in particular which made me think that its rare emergence above ground was the outcome of a long-continued underground habit.
Fatigued with my long-continued efforts, and panting for breath, I felt myself completely incapacitated for any further exertion.
All the speeches were enthusiastically received, but the coloured man carried off the oratorical honours, and the applause which broke out when he had finished was vociferous and long-continued.
There was nothing long-continued about these rhythms that we struck.
Her large mouth opened luxuriously in a long-continued yawn.
We have had a beautiful day, after the long-continued wet weather.

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