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I don't know the Greek, but I believe it strictly means for ages, and might signify either endless or long-enduring.
These high-capacity, long-enduring, and lightweight batteries utilize Panasonic's proprietary nickel-based positive electrodes and have the highest level of energy density in the industry.
So wave goodbye to the long-enduring salt-and-pepper shakers.
Although debate may continue regarding whether global warming is real or not, another issue worth examining is whether democratic systems of government are effective in protecting society's welfare against systematic long-enduring threats such as global warming.
Perhaps one of the most powerful examples that supports this long-enduring history is the events of Sept.
and may this be the crowning mission of Australia's Commonwealth: to pull down the barriers that irreligious discord and racial strife would raise, and to erect on their ruins a glorious temple of abiding concord and long-enduring peace'.
One of the long-enduring values a company can have is the service level they deliver to customers.
Ebert, 70, who passed away last Thursday after his long-enduring bout with cancer, commented "Just another day at Westboro Baptist" and another one, saying "One more day at the Westboro Baptist church" along with his tweets.
Its long-enduring success is no doubt a result of being a family business that cares about its customers and always goes that extra mile.
Ahead of the show, Ehsn reveals his trio's long-enduring appeal.
Polite flirts convey their attraction by showing respect and have long-enduring relationships based on companionship and friendship.
While offering everything from beautiful stud earrings to the finest three stone diamond rings to celebrate relationships both long-enduring and thrillingly brand new, customers looking to help craft their own engagement and wedding rings are finding that Diamond Mansion offers them a unique opportunity to create a truly special celebration of love.