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Among those who work mostly or exclusively in longhand are John Irving, Stephen King, Philip Pullman, Annie Proulx and John le Carre.
John's, West Toronto, the longhand sermon is about one of his favourite topics: the Marks of Mission.
You're able to do everything from shorthand and longhand notes to playing games, and there are some amazing drawing apps you can use it for.
It was an experiment to see how much time could be saved over the usual method of writing in longhand.
Before this, we wrote down everything longhand, but the new system makes it easier to record details," McGoldrick said.
When next in touch, suggest a lunch out somewhere to talk, longhand, about her communication problems.
Hemingway used a heavy stub fountain pen and this longhand of his, as bold as sword strokes, but honestly legible and well-spelled, flows across the paper as straight as a line.
I deliberately wrote today's column longhand, with a ballpoint pen, not a quill, just to see if I could still do it.
Personally, I've written 18 books with a pen in longhand.
While legend has it that Obama writes his own speeches in longhand on a legal pad, a better historical account will show that he offers input and Favreau crafts them.
In her Foreword, Ackerman reports that West's condition has since improved to the point that he has completed the manuscript of a new novel in longhand.
Her longhand, honed through years of training as an occupational therapist, was executed with a clinician's precision.