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Prize is two weekend tickets to Longitude Festival 2017.
The first Longitude flew in October 2016 and to date, the flight test programs four aircraft have accumulated more than 550 hours.
The company expects to deliver the first European-based Longitude to Travel Service in 2018.
Longitude Licensing holds a portfolio of patents addressing semiconductor memory and processing technologies.
Longitude Capital is a private investment firm focused on venture growth investments in biotechnology and medical technology.
Latitude and longitude are divided into degrees and which two other units of measurement?
Longitude at sea could be calculated with an accurate timepiece, which shipboard motion and variations of heat and cold had thus far made impossible; by monitoring Jupiter's satellites, which the size of the telescopes required rendered impracticable; by the location of the moon, which only provided accuracy up to three degrees; and by 'Mr Ditton's project', which involved having moored vessels fire shells 6,440 feet into the air at set times, allowing other ships to take bearings an idea that caused hilarity at the time, although it seems ingenious enough.
on the Citation Longitude, and includes state-of-the art technologies for high performance and reliability.
Residents will join celebrity chef Raymond Blanc whose Brasserie Blanc restaurant chain signed a lease for a unit in Longitude.
Coloured cardboard circles, which are described in this article with the aid of diagrams, were used to model circles of latitude and longitude and even great circles.