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This Longitude partnership puts our customers at the heart of music in Ireland.
In addition to the support from CPA Global, Dr Paul Chapman from Marks & Clerk, one of the IP attorney firms that founded CPA Global, is a member of the Longitude Prize Advisory Panel, providing advice on IP-related matters.
on the Citation Longitude, and includes state-of-the art technologies for high performance and reliability.
Second, input the latitude and Longitude of each branch into Access or Excel.
What: the story of the man who invented a timepiece that allowed a ships's longitude to be determined accurately.
The meridians of longitude loop from the North Pole to the South and back again in great circles of the same size, so they all converge at the ends of the Earth.
In the 15th century, when nations began to sail the world's oceans seriously, the greatest obstacle to navigation was the inability to determine longitude (position east-west) at sea.
The signals indicate the latitude, longitude and elevation of the receiver.
NEW YORK -- Longitude LLC (Longitude), a wholly owned subsidiary of International Securities Exchange Holdings, Inc.