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Appreciating the decision of the federal government, FATA Parliamentarians thanked the Governor for resolving the longstanding issues which the teachers from FATA were faced with.
In addition to Congressional intent, the IRS points to its own longstanding interpretation of Section 530(a)(1)(B) in Rev.
Airlines and the aviation industry must respond to rising community sentiment for better planning and more sensitive solutions to longstanding problems.
In the sixteenth century, in part because of the crown's longstanding reliance on Swiss mercenaries, being a Calvinist did not in itself invalidate an individual's claim to French citizenship, despite rising calls after 1560 to define the bon francais as necessarily Catholic.
The proposal is at odds with longstanding and legitimate tax law principles.
According to the detail, a leader of PML-N and former provincial minister Haji Irfan Ahmed Khan Daha, Member of National Assembly NA-157 Khanewal Mohammad Khan Daha and MPA PP-214, Nishat Ahmad Khan Daha presented this longstanding demand of Khanewal city in front of Chief Minister Punjab during a recent meeting with him.
Officials had expected the positive trend of the past 20 years to continue, and the reversal, though small, is a challenge to the government's longstanding goal to control high blood pressure in 50 percent of affected Americans by 2000.
WASHINGTON -- Dell (NASDAQ:DELL) is the recipient of the National Recycling Coalition's ninth annual Recycling Works Award for its longstanding efforts to promote individual producer responsibility.
The governing Labor party has dropped its longstanding objection to a Palestinian state, a day after the Palestine Liberation Organization revoked the portions of its founding charter calling for the destruction of Israel.
remains one of Suriname's principal trading partners, largely due to ALCOA's longstanding investment in Suriname's bauxite mining and processing industry.
Companies to Celebrate Longstanding Partnership and Shipment Milestone
Chaired by Megan and Peter Chernin; Jill and Brad Grey; Willow Bay and Bob Iger; Jamie and Michael Lynton; Kathleen Kennedy and Frank Marshall; Wendy and Barry Meyer; Kelly and Ron Meyer; Paula Wagner and Rick Nicita; Florence and Harry Sloan; and Jane and Terry Semel, the star-studded evening will pay tribute to Cruise's longstanding commitment to working for positive change in the world.