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Now you go out this afternoon to the Loops, and engage to do two turns.
Edna found the manager of the Loops a full-fleshed, heavy-jowled man, bushy of eyebrow and generally belligerent of aspect, with an absent-minded scowl on his face and a black cigar stuck in the midst thereof.
And,"--very suavely,--"speaking for the Loops, permit me to thank you for the kind and successful contribution of your services.
That Nan Bellayne was too much for him, and that she and her sister could come out and get her pay and the freedom of the Loops, to boot.
Because the bottom loops fall between the top loops, there will always be one fewer loop on the bottom row than on the top row.
Backing to fly line: Tie a loop in the backing, large enough to fit over the spool of fly line, using a Bimini twist.
The study's results showed that the settings and location where a cycle crosses the loop, not the design and installation, are mainly responsible for the poor detection of small vehicles.
Keywords Smarandache loop, holomorph of loop, automorphic inverse property loop (AIPL), cross inverse property loop(CIPL), K-loop, Bruck-loop, Kikkawa-loop.
One type of open loop system that is suitable for areas where the earth is made up of bedrock and where ground water yields are low is the standing column well system.
Make more loops, pulling a new loop through each preceding one until you reach the end of the cord (Photo 4).
All lines have agreed to the suspension of the North China - Australia loop and the addition of new tonnage to the Japan - Korea - Australia - South China loop, rationalizing the calling ports together with COSCON loop when P&O Nedlloyd exits this consortium next February 2006.
Standard features: Five-point toggle clamp, nitrided screw and barrel, swiveling barrel, proportional hydraulics, open-loop V-8000 LCD semi-closed loop controller.