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GIPS NEC for IADs (NEC - IAD) is designed for use in IAD gateways at the edge of a packet network to cancel the echo caused by the impedance mismatch where two-wire subscriber loop lines are connected to the four-wire lines of the long-haul trunk.
Analysts anticipate the number of local loop lines installed each year to grow from 72 million during 1998 to reach 195 million by 2005.
Tenders are invited for Hubli Division Sw-1EeLonda- Miraj Section-Trr(S) On Loop Lines With 52 Kg Rails At Svtn Siding, Knp-Rd 1 &3 ,Dur Rd- 1& 3, Bgm Rd-6 ,Rbg- Siding, Cnc- Rd -2 ,Gpb-Siding , Kud Rd-2, Ugr Rd-3 & 4 Sed Rd-3 And Vjr Rd-3 Yard Loop Lines, Total = 11.