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1913 -- Louis Bleriot performed the first plane loop-the-loop.
I still wanted to do something that had an element of three in it - hence the triple loop-the-loop.
A spokesman for The Guinness Book of Records said: "We can confirm that Mrs Ablitt was very recently entered into the book under the section `oldest person to loop-the-loop in an unpowered glider'.
The grandfather from Shirley, who already holds the world record for the oldest person to do the loop-the-loop and the oldest person to wing walk across the English Channel, is about to undertake his greatest adventure yet.
The Top Gear Live show offers petrol heads amazing stunts, flaming cars and the first attempt at an indoor loop-the-loop.
If football is not your thing, then flying instructor Barry Jones suggests trying out a loop-the-loop on an aerobatic flight.
It will be the 21st wing walk for Tom, of Shirley, who holds Guinness World Records for being the oldest person to loop-the-loop and to cross the English Channel strapped to the wings of a plane.
If a 747 could achieve enough forward speed it could make a loop-the-loop - but obviously no pilot would be foolish enough to try something like that.
Fifth Gear (Monday, Channel 5, 8pm) returns for a new eight-part series, with stuntman Steve Truglia attempting a recordbreaking loop-the-loop.
Not content at being name the oldest man in the world to do a loop-the-loop while strapped standing on the roof of a plane, 88-year-old Tom is now planning a new world record.
Moments after take-off her emotions did a loop-the-loop at the sight of Robert Szabo's proposal of marriage - in the form of a massive crop pattern.