loose statement

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This loose statement (uncharacteristic of the meticulous former Astronomer Royal) struck me immediately.
The Web site of a West Coast nonprofit has a loose statement of purpose: "The mission of [NAME OF ORGANIZATION] is to empower refugee and underprivileged youth through educational programs and to help them create better opportunities for their future.
However, Sharma said he could not divulge much on the issue as any loose statement could have very serious legal implications.
The report in a section of local media said that Modi has told the top brass of the RSS that the image of government is getting hampered because of the loose statements made by some their leaders.
Kushal's post oustal interview may have gone against him as Salman did not think highly of the actor's loose statements.
India yesterday strongly condemned the multiple bombings in Lahore, but rejected Pakistani allegations of an Indian hand in the attack and stressed that such loose statements were putting a strain on bilateral ties.