loose translation

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That's the loose translation of a letter this week from lawyer John W.
Although true Kiwis might beg to differ, the Haka web site says a loose translation of Ka Mate would be:
He and Linda Kitchen's appealing Gretel head a uniformly excellent cast performing valiantly against the scenic odds; all struggle to deliver David Pountney's loose translation, no substitute for original German and surtitles.
A loose translation, however permissible it may seem, does give different specific meanings.
Then, he wrote, according to Norbert Linke, composition consisted of only one thing: "You had to have an inspiration"--a loose translation of the colloquial German and the title of the present book.
Since a 1962 book on the issue by Jalal al-e-Ahmad, such people have been described as "gharb-zadegi" in Persian or "Westoxified" in loose translation.
Sazak, who was not allowed either to write a column in the daily as of the end of summer last year, titled his book "Batsyn BE[micro]yle Gazetecilik," which in a loose translation from Turkish means "Damn such media
A loose translation would be: Get real, fellow Europeans.
A loose translation of this was a short stay in the Wolverhampton Eye Infirmary and an operation to strengthen the muscles in my lazy eye.
A loose translation from the Irish meaning is "great fun".
Though of course a loose translation of Newton Hall, where I live, sounds much more illustrious - it's Chteau Neuf