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Provision of legal loose-leaf publications published by Editions du Jurisclasseur including basic volumes, updates, and binders based on a list of collections established by mutual agreement and revised annually.
EcoCup[TM] capsules are initially available for premium loose-leaf tea brands, including Higgins & Burke[R] on-sale now and Numi[R] coming in the summer.
But the fact remains that the best quality teabag is nowhere near the best quality loose-leaf tea.
The company also produces a variety of related books and loose-leaf services as well as Journal of Healthcare Protection Management, a magazine published twice a year that carries the latest statistics on hospital crime as well as articles on security and safety.
The best thing about the website is that we can offer all three of our products (The Hideaway Report newsletter, The Harper Associates loose-leaf guides, and The Q Club discount memberships).
EITF Abstracts, copyrighted by the FASB, is available in soft-cover and loose-leaf versions and may be obtained by contacting the FASB order department at 401 Merritt 7, P.
We are using XPP to produce many types of publications, including math books, database publications and the controlled composition of loose-leaf publications" says Roel Van de Water, Sales and Marketing manager at DCC.
ORIX Real Estate Corporation (hereinafter ORIX Real Estate ), a subsidiary of ORIX Corporation, announced today that it will establish an artificial light plant factory to cultivate loose-leaf lettuce in Yabu City, Hyogo Prefecture.
Authentically brewed with premium, whole loose-leaf tea leaves and nonfat milk, each bottle - in Black Tea Latte and Matcha Latte - is only 80 calories per serving with zero fat grams.
The text is published on loose-leaf paper and is presented in a 3-ring binder.
An annual subscription costs $925 online, $950 via CD-ROM and $975 for two loose-leaf print volumes.