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The constantly unemployed makeup artist made off with more than P300,000 in cold, hard cash as other looters stole cell phones, laptops and flatscreen TVs.
Leader of Coventry council John Mutton branded the looters "scumbags" He said: ''When I first heard about the crash, I thought good God I hope no-one has been seriously injured including the pedestrians always walking past there.
Looters Richard Myles-Palmer, 19, and Jason White, 22 - caught with a shopping trolley filled with pounds 1,500 of power tools - both pleaded guilty.
In the city's Carrollton area, looters commandeered a forklift to push up storm shutters and break the glass of a pharmacy
It showed looters battling against each other as they fought over electrical equipment stolen from the Jessops camera shop on Cherry Street.
His latest conviction follows a string of raids by looters in Carlisle and Yorkshire in the aftermath of the floods.
ISLAMABAD -- Information Secretary PTI Mazari has taken serious exception to the NAB Chairman's statement that the job of NAB was to recover looted money not to punish the looters.
Summary: Bangui: Rebel leaders in the Central African Republic have been cracking down on looters roaming .
A MERSEY firm watched business boom after footage of looters failing to steal a TV it installed was broadcast around the world.
The inscriptions are carved in a style identical to that of a panel previously sold by looters that mentions the same rulers, Freidel says.
And in the most extreme example of the angry backlash, one looter had his hands cut off by a small group of Iraqis who caught him stealing from a house.
PATROL: UK officers; rifle at a suspected looter whose car is stopped and searched for stolen property Pictures: REUTERS; GUN LAW: A vigilante points; RANSACKED: Iraqis hunt for valuables inside one of Saddam's Baghdad palaces; PLUNDERED: Looter struggles under weight of ornate couch