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Caches of petrol bombs and guns have been found in homes, to mete out a savage form of justice if the looters strike.
US forces obliterated the last pocket of resistance in the north Baghdad district of Mansur, but that opened the floodgates for looters to pour into new areas of bounty.
Hard-core looters, the third type, take elaborate steps to find their booty and then sell it on the lucrative artifact market.
OFFICIALS watched helplessly as looters around the city ransacked stores for food, clothing, appliances and guns.
Instead of looters, a real national leadership should sit together and decide about the creation of new provinces, he added.
And unlike many of the looters, who were reported to be youths, the woman said her daughter's exboyfriend was aged 30.
POLICE were last night hunting hundreds of looters after thousands of pounds worth of goods were stolen from stores across London.
The participants agreed that as the PML-N and JUP are the founder parties of the country and would be able to jointly block the way of looters and corrupt elements in general elections.
While there is a truth to his argument, people will surely question the moral authority of the Philippine Senate to call for penalty on petty looters (although some, admittedly, got big-ticket items such as appliances and electronic goods) when three of its members are suspected of looting public coffers by conniving with pork barrel scam queen Janet Lim-Napoles who has allegedly pocketed P10 billion?
At least a few looters re-emerged to rob a market, despite orders placing the city's security under military command.
AFTERMATH: A looter is grabbed, left, as a toy lies in the wreckage of a house
Disgusted council chiefs led calls for witnesses or anyone with information to shop a looter.