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Sharpe said divers from the Arizona Dive Shop and from his organization discovered the looting on March 19 when they found lifting ropes, blue barrels, an anchor chain and large timber planks in the water.
Looting is indeed a problem, he conceded, but critics of dealers were wrong.
I found the picture of the victorious Moorpark High Academic Decathlon team to be an interesting juxtaposition to the picture of the looting Canoga Park High students from the previous day.
Roman servants and slaves joined in the looting of wealthy residences and the killings that ensued.
During the preliminary investigation, they have confessed their involvement in several incidents of looting passengers.
But is there any moral justification for looting in times of calamities?
Another SYP 1 million damage was caused as a result of robbing and looting the Sa'alo fish center and another center affiliated to the Commission in Deir Ezzor.
There was looting in Chile after the earthquake last year – so much so that troops were sent in; in New Orleans, Hurricane Katrina saw looting on a shocking scale.
In late May, reporter Edmund Andrews wrote in The New York Times of looting that was still going on at an archaeological site near Isan Bakhriat.
I thought it was the government that was supposed to be looting oil.
The arrested dacoits were involved in various cases of robberies, snatching on gun points and looting general public and wanted by police from a long time.
Islamabad -- Special Investigation Unit (SIU) of Islamabad Police has arrested four gangsters for their alleged involvement in looting houses after getting jobs there as domestic servants and also recovered looted items from their possession, police said.