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Once loquacious and articulate, Gao is barely able to speak and can do so only in very short sentences, she told family members.
She is survived by her children, Penny and Luke, and loquacious husband Ted, who has a lot more to say about his second wife, Robin Scherbatsky, if you've got nine years to spare.
The whole game is going to narrate the story of two petty thieves the laconic Jai and loquacious Veeru helping the upright nobleman and disabled veteran cop Baldev Thakur.
The quirky humour, zany characters (the loquacious penguin is wonderful) and madcap adventures, plus Nick Maland's imaginative illustrations, will appeal to confident readers of seven to ten.
Dennigan's characters have the problem of being loquacious when nervous and blasphemous when loquacious.
As usual, complete cowardice was shown and no response was forthcoming from the usually loquacious MPs.
The problem of a director becoming a rogue who takes on too much power, authority and decision making, or becomes loquacious, disruptive and argumentative, is significantly worsened and exacerbated in a command and control board environment.
But the normally loquacious White slipped off quietly without fanfare.
Taciturn, in a style very different to that of loquacious former captains Fabien Galthie and Raphael Ibanez, Dusautoir said French rugby chiefs were well aware of his approach before they chose him as skipper.
It's absolutely amazing that someone from another country (whatever one it is, but which the loquacious Mr Protic refuses to identify) moves to Wales and then attacks the language, culture and inhabitants of his adopted country.
The loquacious looter has charmed one judge with his polite, plain-speaking and up-front plea for freedom.
Brand indulged in his usual bout of puffchested verbosity, using words like loquacious, metaphysical and analogous to show the world he thinks he's Oscar Wilde, when the rest of us suspect he is more Nick Cotton.