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One gets a sense of Crick's loquaciousness and his abilities to make a novel hypothesis by reading the controversial book, the Double Helix, written by James Watson in 1968.
Those who keep their distance from Koch's work complain of its pastiche and loquaciousness, its irrepressible insistence to keep on running.
Our normally loquaciousness hostess verbally stalls.
Moreover, his servant La Vieille, despite her loquaciousness throughout the conte, never disparages him as a cruel master.
In his loquaciousness, he refers to the officer as the "Adam," not the "Adam of paradise," but the one who wears the "calve's skin that was killed for the Prodigal" (Comedy of Errors 4.
Mr Alderson's reticence was in strict contrast to his loquaciousness soon after his appointment to the post, which targeted 16 pubs in the 15-mile stretch between Wolsingham and Cowshill on the Cumbrian border.
Television producers have spent many months searching for an appropriate presenter who could fill the role made famous by the polysyllabic purveyor of loquaciousness, Leonard Sachs.
Torrey's loquaciousness Tuesday was in stark contrast to the responses offered by press officials at both hospitals.
Jarrell, lumped together with minor modes of mere loquaciousness in the writing of Robert Lowell and Dylan Thomas, is merely eloquent, and this term, eloquence, is at the heart of "black warrior" and, more generally, of Antin's concept of the talk poem.
17) He acknowledges that this hypothesis faces certain difficulties, however: given Joinville's habitual loquaciousness, it seems difficult to accept that he could have been a poet and songwriter without ever making mention of this fact.
While they lovingly chide Lewis about his loquaciousness, tight-fisted business style and less-than-towering stature, no one leaves the stage without acknowledging his visionary leadership and the indelible mark he has made on the world of advertising.
If anything, his cheap one-liners, plus his loquaciousness, owe something to music hall.