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It was necessary that Captain Jim should be near him as he wrote, for consultation upon many matters of sea-faring and gulf lore of which Owen was quite ignorant.
Let Nature be your teacher: Sweet is the lore which Nature brings.
The vulguses being finished by nine o'clock, and Martin having rejoiced above measure in the abundance of light, and of Gradus and dictionary, and other conveniences almost unknown to him for getting through the work, and having been pressed by Arthur to come and do his verses there whenever he liked, the three boys went down to Martin's den, and Arthur was initiated into the lore of birds' eggs, to his great delight.
But you're so positive you know all the lore of the forest.
uk PS2 off at ut nonsed magna feu faccum dolutpat loborerat lore magniat au gait lutat.
BEIRUT: From a young age, Lore knew that the body he was born with didn't align with how he felt inside.
Lore, Shareholder , Capital Fund Law will speak at the Knowledge Group's webcast entitled: “Alternative Mutual Funds: Compliance and Risk Management in 2015 Explored
Star Trek's Lore was born in 2335 and was the brother of android Data, while Dax took over people's bodies.
Although we wish these vulnerable refugees well in their difficult trek, our sympathy toward the blond-haired, blue-eyed Lore is restrained.
Cowboys, Cops, Killers, and Ghosts: Legends and Lore in Texas
Shesso looks at the mythology, legend, science and lore about the planets and most significant stars in a chapter-by-chapter format.
Lore goes from carefree member of the Hitler Youth, to head of a young family that she must feed and shelter on their hazardous journey.